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Our people

People are at the very heart of our business. On these pages, you'll find brief CVs of our partners, our other IP specialists and our business managers. All our IP specialists are members of at least one of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and the Institute of Trade Mark Agents, maintaining their continuing professional development according to the rules of those institutes.

Practice Area Services
  • Tim Ashton
    Tim Ashton
  • Dr Matt Barton
    Dr Matt Barton
  • Alex Beattie
    Alex Beattie
  • Jenny Donald
    Jenny Donald
  • Jon Gowshall
    Jon Gowshall
  • Andy Harding
    Andy Harding
  • Lloyd Hoarton
    Lloyd Hoarton
  • Russell Sessford
    Russell Sessford
  • Matthew Shaw
    Matthew Shaw
  • Steven Wake
    Steven Wake
  • Ross Walker
    Ross Walker
  • Dr Diana Wardley
    Dr Diana Wardley
Senior associates
  • Chris Bond
    Chris Bond
  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson
  • Dr Alison Lawson
    Dr Alison Lawson
  • Dan Rusby-Gale
    Dan Rusby-Gale
  • Charlotte Teall
    Charlotte Teall
Associates and other professionals
  • Mark Bhandal
    Mark Bhandal
  • Jagvinder Chadha
    Jagvinder Chadha
  • Heather Chapman
    Heather Chapman
  • Dr Mark Connell
    Dr Mark Connell
  • James Cornford
    James Cornford
  • Kate Cruse
    Kate Cruse
  • Charlotte Fox
    Charlotte Fox
  • Dr Emma Hicks
    Dr Emma Hicks
  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones
  • Farhan Kazi
    Farhan Kazi
  • Allie Larsen
    Allie Larsen
  • Arthur Laycock
    Arthur Laycock
  • David Murphy
    David Murphy
  • Sam Nicholls
    Sam Nicholls
  • Dr Nick Palmer
    Dr Nick Palmer
  • Dr Jagvir Purewal
    Dr Jagvir Purewal
  • Mark Sinclair
    Mark Sinclair
  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith
  • Dan Sullivan
    Dan Sullivan
  • Adam Ward
    Adam Ward
Managers and Business support
  • John Blatherwick
    John Blatherwick
  • Kirsty Gallagher
    Kirsty Gallagher
  • Gareth  Hughes
    Gareth Hughes
  • Graham Newman
    Graham Newman