Forresters hosting a virtual event in “Demystifying Patents and Trade Marks”


In the last few months our patent and trademark attorneys have seen an increase in the number of people making enquiries about how they can protect their latest concepts and designs. Black Country businesses could risk losing the incredible ideas and designs created during the COVID-19 pandemic by not protecting their intellectual property.

To help advise business owners, manufacturers and designers, we are hosting a virtual event where attendees can discover how to prevent their intellectual property from being stolen, both in the UK and abroad. Birmingham-based partner Emma Johnson, a specialist UK and European patent and trade mark attorney, will lead the free seminar which is being held as part of the Black Country Business Festival.

The seminar ‘Are your ideas and brands protected? Demystifying Patents and Trade Marks’ takes place on Wednesday, 7th October. The clear, jargon-free advice will look at the different aspects of a business that can be protected, including logos, creative work, designs and inventions.

Emma explained that with so many new businesses and products being created during the coronavirus pandemic, people need to be aware of how easily their ideas can be stolen.

“We know that the Black Country is one of the most innovative areas in the country – its people haven’t lost the entrepreneurial spirit which put them at the centre of the Industrial Revolution two centuries ago”, she said.

“We have seen an increase in the number of people making enquiries about how they can protect their latest concepts and designs – and 60% of these new products have been COVID-19 related. In today’s connected world, the chance of ideas being stolen and replicated is much greater than ever before. Without intellectual property rights in place, businesses leave themselves open to rivals being able to replicate and sell the product or service at a lower price without incurring any research or development costs”.

“It’s not just products that can be protected with patents, but also the way they are designed and manufactured. Rights may also be affected post Brexit, especially when it comes to selling overseas. Ensuring that they have the correct protection in place can be critical for a business and mean the difference between success and failure”.

The Black Country Business Festival incorporates dozens of free events, many of which are taking place virtually this year.

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