Forresters IP LLP celebrate a successful start in Southampton


Celebrations are taking place at Forresters’ Southampton office, as they mark their first successful 18 months.

Since opening in June last year the office has partnered with a number of local clients, and one of these is the ground-breaking firm Intellitect Water in Romsey.  Intellitect Water has revolutionised the way water companies monitor the performance of their networks and Lloyd Hoarton from Forresters said they are excited to be working with them.

“It is fantastic to be celebrating our first eighteen months in Southampton,” said Lloyd, who is managing partner at Forresters. “The office is perfectly placed to serve the many technology-rich businesses in the region, and it provides us with ready access to other parts of the South coast and the marine, ship-building and naval industries for which it is famous.”

“We are particularly excited to be working with Intellitect Water who use break-through artificial intelligence technologies, developed by Intellitect Water’s own engineers in Romsey, to monitor water quality and many other characteristics of the water flow in the water network.  Constantly monitoring and analysing data from in-pipe sensors distributed around the water network allows Intellitect Water to give water companies a full and insightful picture of the status of their water network.  Acting on Intellitect Water’s analysis enables water companies to take preventative action when leaks are predicted or detected.  Forresters are proud to have worked closely with Intellitect Water to identify, develop and obtain intellectual property rights covering Intellitect Water’s technologies.”